The list: Alison Cook’s Top 100 Restaurants

Just because a restaurant operates out of a trailer doesn’t mean it can’t be considered one of the city’s best. Proof: the tidy family-run Pho Binh Trailer compound in southeast Houston, home to the finest pho in a city increasingly fond of the essential Vietnamese soup.

To quote Alison Cook, we are proud to be listed on the Top 100 Restaurants list, an endeavor of passion for what she does best.  Some feel they deserve to be on the list, some wanted to know why they weren’t.

Yes, it’s true, maybe we only came into the collective local consciousness because of the Trailer, but that’s not our story.

My father is here with me this summer, he’s been retired for 5 years or so, he started Pho Binh with my mother.  I am conversing every day with him on the ins and outs of our business and what mattered to him and the patrons over the years.  And I can tell you, our recipe and process was ever changing through out our business history; more or less it was all about you the people who eat pho.  We failed many times, we tried many things; but it was always inline with what he said about the only thing he knows about business.  He’s not by any means someone who can give you advice on any business, just Pho.

Our job is not over until they pay and come back.

That has resonated with me as I build my own business.  Our job has always been to keep you coming back, and we’re proud to be on this list but more importantly proud to have had the opportunity to welcome you in the first place, so that we can bring you back.

Tony Nguyen / Pho Binh Family